Operations Management

A toolkit for making small business operations effective and efficient


Small business operations are often developed informally and by trial and error. Operations management can make or break a business. As your business grows there will be a need to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations. Operations management techniques, which have their origins in large organisations, can be applied with great results in small businesses. This course is a practical guide to how these proven techniques can be used in small businesses.

This course will take you on a journey through:

  1. Learning the key concepts of operations management
  2. Exploring how operations management can deliver your business strategy
  3. Learning how to design products, services, operations and processes
  4. Exploring how operations can be planned and delivered
  5. Learning how operations can always be improved

The course is aimed at owners and managers of small businesses. It is also suitable for business studies students, at any level, who are keen to run or work in a small business. You do not need any prior theoretical knowledge to take this course. You will need to have a passion for running a successful business, whether now or in the future. Practical experience of small business management or a general overview of the way a particular small business works will help you to relate these techniques directly to real situations.

We will be learning a myriad of techniques including: fitting operations to strategy, optimising flexibility and cost, designing layouts, maximising yield, supply chain management, lean approaches, project planning and control, risk management and quality improvement.

Who this course is for:

  • Small business owners and managers
  • Business studies students, at all levels, who plan to set up or work in a small business



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